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Energy storage systems.
Start your way to energy independence
Powering all devices in the house when the power grid is not available.

Revention energy storage systems are designed to maintain the comfort of your life. Switching to power from the system is instant and invisible to you. The storage has a large capacity and power to meet all the needs of the household.

*you can choose any size of the system you need to back up your home or business

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System in useSystem in use
High power and capacity of 11.8 kWh
  • 5000 charge and discharge cycles
    Life cycle more than 10 years

    5000 charge and discharge cycles

  • The system takes up little space, and the modular design allows for fast installation

    The system takes up little space, and the modular design allows for fast installation

  • the system is silent and does not get warm during operation

    the system is silent and does not get warm during operation

Powercube gives more opportunities
  • Powercube

    Covers all home needs

    Capacity up to 12.5kWh

    Power 10kW

    Longevity more than 10 years

    Security three levels of security

    Price for 1kWh 18,000 UAH

  • Portable systems
    Portable systems

    Restrictions in the use of devices

    Capacity ~2kWh

    Power 4kW peak

    Longevity several years

    Security ~ safe

    Price for 1kWh 42,000 UAH

  • Other systems
    Other systems

    Partially covers needs

    Capacity ~5kWh

    Power 5kW

    Durability actually 3-4 years

    Security low level of protection

    Price for 1kWh 24,000 UAH

  • Generator

    Inconvenience with service and noise

    Capacity -

    Power average 5-7 kW

    Longevity medium

    Security conditionally safe

    Price UAH 9,000 + constant fuel costs


The Powercube energy storage system is a large power bank for your apartment or house. It allows you to charge from the grid when it is stable and instantly supply power when a power cut occurs. This way, your household doesn't notice any power cuts at all

Energy independence

An energy storage system is the first step towards complete energy independence for your home. By adding generation sources, such as solar panels, the generated but not consumed energy will be stored in the system during daylight hours and will power the house when the sun has already set. The Powercube can also be paired with a home power generator, which will reduce the amount of time the generator is running and the overall fuel consumption for its operation

Select the system
PowerCube Max
PowerCube Max
System capacity11,8 kWhPower10 kW, 48W
Life cycle6000 cycles. Designed to operate for more than 10 years.Size426 *1250*195mm / 98kg
InverterRequires 48V hybrid inverter (with LFP charging function)InstallationIndoors Temperature range -5+35 degrees Celsius
Warranty3 yearsCertificationUN 38.3 IEC62133 UL1642
Price: -
Technical documentation
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Charges from everything
All PowerCube models can be integrated into your personal power grid
Charging from power grids

The PowerCube charges quickly when the grid is available and starts powering your appliances during outages. Our drives are designed to support fast charge recovery so that even with frequent outages, you stay comfortable and charged.

Powered by solar panels

With solar generation, you can achieve complete autonomy of your home or business. The system accumulates a charge during daylight hours and provides you with electricity when the sun has already set

Working with the generator

The PowerCube can be integrated into homes where a generator is already installed. The generator runs for only a couple of hours to charge the system, and then you are powered entirely by the PowerCube. This allows you to reduce the generator's operating time, thus reducing noise, fuel costs and inconvenience in its maintenance

Select a system

Our experts will help you calculate and select the best system configuration for your needs


Best offers for the purchase of inverters and other necessary devices

Professional installation

Qualified installation engineers ensure that the devices are installed properly and that the storage system unlocks its full potential. Contact a certified partner for assistance