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Modular energy storage system

Flexible capacity 4.6-12.3 kWh

Long service life of 10 years

Powers all devices in the house

High power 6kW

Charge recovery time 3-6 hours

Smart battery balancing system



1.55 kWh


The system consists of modules with a capacity of 1.5 kWh that are mounted on top of each other. This makes it possible to assemble a system of any required capacity


The Powercube can interact with a variety of inverters that support the manual charge setting function, so you are not limited to specific manufacturers


The system is designed for a service life of more than 10 years. LFP cell technology is used


Modularity allows one person to easily assemble and quickly launch the system

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PowerCube 12.4 кВтг
PowerCube 12.4 кВтг
System capacity12,4 kWhPower11,7 kW, 48W
Life cycleDesigned to operate for more than 10 years.Size370*360*1120mm / 171,4kg
InverterRequires 48V hybrid inverter (with LFP charging function)InstallationIndoors Temperature range -5+35 degrees Celsius
Warranty3 yearsCertificationUN 38.3 IEC62133 UL1642
Price: 5580$
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