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PowerCube Max

The most powerful energy storage system!

Fast charging in 2 hours

Large capacity of 11.8 kWh

Power 10 kW

Active BMS

Possibility to charge from solar panels


House reservation up to 48 hours

Possibilities of autonomy
  • TV

    107-200 hours

  • Refrigerator

    98-150 hours

  • Light 10 W

    1200 hours

  • Wi-Fi

    1200 hours

  • Laptop

    200 charges

  • Coffee maker

    1200 coffee cups

  • Phone

    1150 charges

  • Electric stove (1,5 - 7 kW)

    1,5-8 hours

PowerCube Max
More power and capacity for the system.

The Powercube Max system is designed to solve the problem of limiting the use of appliances during power cuts. The maximum power of 10 kW allows you to power many household devices at the same time.

Autonomy comparison
  • PowerCube Max
    20 hours
  • Portable systems
    4 hours
The most advanced battery technology that lasts longer than generators

There are different shapes, types and chemistries of batteries, and we have chosen something that will allow you to power your home without thinking about the time of their replacement. We use LFP batteries in all Powercube systems. This is the safest and most durable type of battery available for comfortable use. More than 6000 charge and discharge cycles, which is more than 10 years of operation.

*6000 cycles at discharge in 4 hours

*3500 cycles when discharging in an hour

Operation of the energy storage system
Recover quickly. The Powercube Max system features fast charging technology. Charge 80% of the capacity in an hour.

When using a powerful inverter (more than 8 kW), the system can be charged to 80% in about an hour, without stressing the battery. We solve the problem of high charging currents thanks to the high quality of the batteries and the smart balancing system. Now the high rate of battery recovery is not a problem, but a function.

*4x faster

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PowerCube Max
PowerCube Max
System capacity11,8 kWhPower10 kW, 48W
Life cycle6000 cycles. Designed to operate for more than 10 years.Size426 *1250*195mm / 98kg
InverterRequires 48V hybrid inverter (with LFP charging function)InstallationIndoors Temperature range -5+35 degrees Celsius
Warranty3 yearsCertificationUN 38.3 IEC62133 UL1642
Price: -
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